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School Education Unit (Proposed)

Nuclear Science & Technology (NST) touches almost every aspect of our day-to-day life-be in health, food production, innovative ways to enhance safety and efficiency of industrial processes, better management of natural resources and agriculture and has significantly contributed to enhance prosperity and quality of life the world. These profound contributions of NST however have remained unknown to many in our society. Aware that sustainability of nuclear applications can only be achieved through a pipeline of high trained and motivated workforce, SLAEB has been supporting the training and education of science and physics teachers in teaching Nuclear Science & Technology (NST), make aware of students, providing radiation education instruments in affordable fee, convincing parties responsible for curriculum development etc.

Expected benefits to the society we live ….

  •  Assure every citizen acquire general knowledge and good attitude on NST
  • Provide carrier path in the field of NST for school leavers
  • Develop enthusiasm in students to become Nuclear Scientists

Who are our Partners…

  •  Science Branch of Ministry of Education
  • Science Branch of National Institute of Education