Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB)

Prof. S.R.D. Rosa

Message from the Chairman

“Creating a Better Future for Sri Lankans with Nuclear Science & Technology"

As Sri Lanka’s only technical supporting institute dedicated to nuclear science and technology, the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB) was established in 1969 with the goal of sustainable development of the nation through nuclear science and technology.

SLAEB works to foster the role of nuclear science and technology in support of sustainable development of the nation. This involves both advancing knowledge and exploiting this knowledge to tackle pressing the challenges related to food, health, energy, environment and industry. The SLAEB works together with scientific institutes in the country and takes the leading role in promoting nuclear science and technology for the well-being of mankind.

We have paved the way for Sri Lanka’s development to break new ground. Among our key achievements are the establishment of Sri Lanka Gamma Centre (SLGC), National Centre for Non-Destructive Tastings, manufacturing of radiation detectors and establishment of safety and security culture over the half a century of time. Our Research and Development activities led to localization radiation technologies solving key issues of the country.

In this age of social and economic transition, SLAEB has aimed to introduce new technological directions in accordance with the government’s strategies for the development of nuclear technology. Accordingly, the institute has taken initial steps to set up a medical cyclotron facility and X ray irradiation facility.

SLAEB prioritizes safety and security in country’s nuclear and radiological applications. We will exert efforts to ensure the radiation safety and security of country’s relevant facilities and R&D activities. We will increase transparency, in terms of both research and management. We hope to earn the trust of the people by communicating actively.

SLAEB which has contributed to national growth over the past 50 years, seeks to establish itself as an institute for the people. It will set new standards, placing greater emphasis on safety, security and human life, and produce the best possible outcomes in research and developments. All members of SLAEB staff, promise to work to develop Nuclear Science and Technology that people can depend on to be safe and reliable.