• Continuously Reviewing the System of Internal Check & Control
  • Detection of Errors and Frauds

  • Verifying the Institute Assets & Liabilities

  • Reviewing the Managerial Functions

  • Verifying the Accuracy of Accounts&Adherence to Accounting


Minimize the deficiencies, errors and support the institution to act in accordance with relevant rules regulations and accepted procedures though-out operational and finance management systems.

The Vision

To be recognized  by SLAEB management and the Board of Directors as an independent and sought after resource that actively supports the organization’s identification, evaluation and mitigation of risks and serves as a proponent for internal controls and continuous improvement.

The Mission

Provide independent, objective, assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the organization’s operations.It`s Helps to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the risk management to control and Governance Processes.

Designation : Internal Auditor

Name: Mrs. Anusha Chandramali

Telephone : 011-2075236

Mobile : 071-1223560

Fax Number: 011-253-3448

Email: anusha@aeb.gov.lk