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Radiation Processing Section

Radiation Processing Section (RPS) of the SLAEB is mainly focusing on research & development on improvement of material properties for the use of different disciplinary such as agriculture, industry, archeology, environment and health using radiation processing technology. R & D activities are carried out under RPS from laboratory scale to field trials in collaboration with stakeholder institutes, research institutes and universities.  In addition to that, RPS is representing the “Technical Advisory Committee for Management of Industrial Chemicals (TACMIC)” at Central Environment Authority (for introduction of gamma radiation sterilization as an alternative to hazardous ethylene oxide) and has provided necessary consultancy and technical assistance regarding identification of gamma radiation compatible raw materials and assessing their performance for medical device manufacturing in Sri Lanka.

 The Science

Ionizing radiation can modify physical, chemical and biological properties of the irradiated materials. The physical and chemical properties of polymeric materials can be modified by treatment with ionizing radiation in the form of gamma rays, X-rays and energetic electrons. High-energy electron beams are especially useful in this regard. Polymerizing (curing), grafting, cross linking and chain scission reactions can be initiated by irradiation. Radiation cross-linking and grafting techniques of polymeric materials have been providing many unique products including heat materials, heat shrinkable materials, curing of coatings and battery separators.