Medical Products Sterilization

To whom

Manufactures or importers of disposable medical devices.


Sterilization of disposable medical devices using gamma irradiation.

Technical details of the service

 Including following listed items, who need prior sterilization step in their process can use gamma irradiation service as an efficient and economical method.

  • Disposable Medical Products -Syringes, Needles, Catheters, Infusion Transfusion sets
  • Surgical Products -Gloves, Sutures, Scalpels, Blades, Aprons, Masks 
  • Cellulosic Products -Cotton, Dressings, Gauze, Bandages 
  • Pharmaceuticals & Containers – Eye & burn ointments, Antibiotics, Water for leaching wounds,  Containers, Droppers
  • Laboratory Supplies – Petri Dishes, Culture Flasks, Blood collection Tubes, Urine Collection Bottles
  • Cosmetics and Sanitary Products – Surgical Talcum, Feeding bottle nipples, Facial cosmetics, Sanitary napkins
  • Biological Materials – Tissues, Frozen Serum for culture media, Human Blood derivatives        

Cost/Cost Estimation Process

Products Volume per month(m3) Rate (without taxes) LKR

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    Contacts of Service Master

Ms. Ganga Madhurakanathi
Scientific Officer
Fax: 0112487759
Mobile: 0710677088