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  • DesignationAct.Director – Finance
  • Director NameMrs.Manori Rathnayake
  • Telephone011-253-3426
  • Mobile071-154-6928
  • Fax Number011-253-3448
  • Emailmanori@aeb.gov.lk



Finance Division is the key part of the SLAEB that is responsible for acquiring funds for the institution, managing funds within the institution and planning for the expenditure of funds on various assets. It also liaise with other Governmental institutions and ensures efficient financial management and financial control necessary to support all operational activities of the institution within the Financial Regulatory framework.

Key roles and responsibilities of the Finance Division

  • Safeguard of the assets through annual Board of Survey; to confirm the value and physical existence of the assets.
  • Record keeping of all financial transactions of income, expenditure, assets and liabilities.
  • Management of cash flows
  • Preparation of monthly and annual budgets and forecasts
  • Management of suppliers and others payments
  • Preparation of monthly and annual financial statements and analysis
  • Assist Board and divisional Directors in making key strategic decisions