Sample Irradiation

To whom

Researchers, manufacturers and any other interested party


To irradiate samples for research and development purposes.

Technical details of the service

Gamma Irradiation for other purposes can be obtained from this service. There are 4 samples boxes with dimensions of 20 x 30 x 60 cm that can use for sample irradiation.

  • Vulcanization of rubber latex
  • Sterilization of packaging materials
  • Mutation breeding
  • Material modification
  • Sterile insect technique
  • Gamma irradiation service for industries which need prior irradiation step in their manufacturing process
  • Provision of R & D services

Cost/Cost Estimation Process

Dose range Rate (without taxes) LKR
0-10 kGy
For each additional 10 kGy

Conditions will be applied for above price chart.

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    Contacts of Service Master

Ms. Ganga Madhurakanathi
Scientific Officer
Fax: 0112487759
Mobile : 0710677088