Eddy Current Testing

To whom
Clients who are interested in obtaining NDT inspection services by an accredited Inspection Body.

Used for surface and near-surface flaw detection, metal and non conductive coating thickness measurement, conductivity measurement and metal sorting by grade and hardness.

Technical Information about the service

In eddy current testing, an alternating  magnetic field  is applied  to the test specimen  by a probe which causes eddy currents to form in the test specimen. Interruptions to the flow of eddy currents, caused by imperfections or changes in the materials conductive and permeability properties, is then detected and analyzed.

·         Can provide eddy current inspections on-site or in our  laboratories.

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Mr. Dilhan Jayaweera
Email: dilhan@aeb.gov.lk
Tel: 011 2987856,
Mobile:0714 857863