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  • DesignationDirector - Life Sciences
  • Director NameMrs. Champa Dissanayake
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Life Sciences

Quality Assured Analytical Servicers
Contribution towards Health and Environment
Boosting Food Security with Nuclear and Related Techniques

The Life Sciences Division (LSD) of the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB), by its definition covers the aspects of ionizing radiation related to life sciences, including environment related natural sciences. The main objective of the LSD is to establish and promote the nuclear analytical techniques in the SLAEB. Other than that LSD covers the duties related to both scientific research and regulatory purposes; it houses laboratories to perform analysis of materials through nuclear analytical techniques. The key scientific services are related to radiation protection and regulation, industries, export and import regulation and academic research, while the division actively engages in the socio-economic development goals of the country.

The Division consists of a multidisciplinary team and experienced technical staff who engage in nuclear analytical testing service. Divisional research programmes provide opportunities for training and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students from national universities.

The Division comprises of mainly three units; Nuclear Analytical Testing (NAT) servicers, Health and Environmental studies and Food & Agriculture related studies.