Food Irradiation

To whom

Food manufactures, Exporters and Importers


Food industrialists can have benefits such as Microbial reduction (decontamination) and insect control, sprout inhibition, phyto-sanitary treatments (quarantine treatments) through gamma irradiation.

Technical details of the service

Including following listed items, who need a treatment step in their process can use gamma irradiation service as an efficient and economical method.

  • Decontamination of spices, seasonings, dried vegetables, medicinal herbs, Ayurvedic products, health diet supplements
  • Quarantine treatment of Agro products, wooden objects, coir and coir based products
  • Decontamination of frozen/fresh and dried seafood
  • Sprout inhibition of onions, garlic, potatoes

Cost/Cost Estimation Process

Depend on the product, volume, purpose and dose use for irradiation.