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  • DesignationAct. Director (RPTSD)
  • Director NameMrs. Champa Dissanayake
  • Telephone011-253-4208
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Library and Promotional Activities

The official library of the SLAEB is operated under the RPTSD. This is the most extensive collection of nuclear/radiation technology-related books, journals, annuals, and magazines of the country consisting of more than 2500+ manuscripts.

Permenant Reference Service

The library of the SLAEB does not offer lending facilities at the moment. But, any academia, student or a member of the public can request reference access to the manuscripts in the SLAEB library. The list of available texts will be published on the website.

Publication Activities

Multiple publications, including the e-Magazine and Annual Reports, are coordinated to publish by this section. Also, subject-related documents, such as booklets, handouts and other multimedia resources are designed, printed and distributed by the RPTSD.

Promotional Activities

The promotional section focuses on addressing para. 3 (a) of the Act. Introducing the novel, peaceful applications of nuclear technology and improvements to the existing applications are presented to the respective industries, and the public is done by this section. The program is intended to facilitate the extension of nuclear technology to support the socio-economic development of the people.

Multiple tools are used to disseminate knowledge to the public through awareness sessions, seminars, exhibitions, guest lectures, Moodle and forums. Organizing the exhibition material, conferences and events, representing the SLAEB in those are also included in the list of responsibilities of the division.

Improving public acceptance by debunking the misconceptions over nuclear technology is one of the ultimate goals of these programs.