Provisioning of the radiation protection services to the country is one of the major responsibilities of SLAEB. Radiation protection is intended to ensure the safety of radiation workers, public and environment from unwarranted exposure to radiation. The contribution of SLAEB to the country’s radiation protection regime is done through the RPTS. The division adopts all the scientifically formulated radiation protection practices into their operation. Especially the guidelines and basic safety standards developed by IAEA, International Committee for Radiation Protection and national authorities are being practiced to enforce the quality of service.

Technical Assistance for Radiation Facility Designing

RPTS provides expert assistance and consultation services to design radiation facilities (Radiotherapy theatres, Irradiation facilities and etc.) in comply with the regulatory standards. Special technologies such as flux modelling and simulations are being introduced to improve the effectiveness and safety of the designs.

Conducting Researches on Radiation Protection

Researches are being carried out continuously for radiation protection using the HpGe (High-purity Germanium) detectors and modeling algorithms. Results from these researches would benefit to develop national policies and regulations. Research fields include, exposure modeling, dose assessment & evaluation, and safety assurance.  

Training of Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs) and Radiation Workers

As part of the radiation protection program, awareness and training programs are conducted for radiation workers. The training programs has a widespread scope depending on the profession, skill and requirement of the trainee. For years RPTS has been conducting training and awareness programs for interventionists, consultants, radiographers, front-line officers, first responders and all sorts of radiation workers. An annual training program is being conducted and certification of the RPOs after the completion of the program is also continued.