Complaints and appeals


All complaints must be made in writing and should be similarly acknowledged. Verbal complaints
are not accepted.

Any personnel has the right to make complaints on matters related to NDT certification process. 
Complaints may be made by any individual (certificate holder, certificate holder’s employer, or client of employer) against the Certification procedure, examination procedure, or a CBNDT certificate holder.
A written complaint has to be submitted (registered post or by hand) to the Chairman of SLAEB/Director General of SLAEB
  1. Criticism of certification procedure of NCBNDT-Sri Lanka and/or
  2. Criticism of examination procedure of NCBNDT Examination Committee or
  3. Criticism of a Certification Scope of a certificate holder


Any applicant, candidate or certified person has the right to request for reconsideration of any adverse decision made by the CBNDT related to his/her desired certification status. 

All appeals shall be addressed to Chairman of TAC.

Appeals can be directed only against certification decisions including examination results.

  1. Re-evaluation of an examination (To Examination Committee)
  2. Reconsidering certification decision (To TAC) 
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