Welder Qualification Facity and Exposure Room of NCNDT will be opened on 26th of June

Newly constructed Welder Qualification Facility and Exposure Room of the National Centre for Non Destructive Center (NCNDT) of Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB) will be declared opened by the Prof. S.R.D. Rosa, Chairman of SLAEB and Mr. T.M.R. Thennakoon, Director General of SLAEB on 26th of June 2020.

Welder Qualification Facility

Welding plays a vital role in the industrial sector in Sri Lanka. Enhancing welding proficiency in the country is essential to cater the requirements of the national and international job markets. The Welder Qualification Facility (WQF) of the NCNDT of Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB) is established to create internationally accepted welding professionals such as welders, supervisors, inspectors, etc. This well-established WQF consists of calibrated equipment, safety environment, and competent resource personnel with internationally accepted certification schemes such as CWI, CSWIP, etc. This program promotes skilled welders with multiple capacities to upgrade their recognition by obtaining a valid certification.

Internal view of the Welder Qualification Facility

Services Provide by the New Welder Qualification Facility

  • Certify the competence and skills of the welder by providing him a certificate relating to his specific skills.
  • Promoting qualified skilled manpower in the welding industry.
  • Act as a reputed body for the competency evaluation of welders.
  • Provide the opportunity to meet the demands of the welders in foreign countries which could be liaised with the relevant government authorities.
  • This program envisages NCNDT to provide prospective welders with technical know-how and give recognition to this important profession.
  • Assist for Research and Development.
  • Conduct regularly knowledge management courses to gain new ground and develop techniques in welding methods.
  • Conduct welding competitions which will enhance the enthusiasm of welders, welding material suppliers, instructors, supervisors, inspectors, etc

Exposure Room

NCNDT is a renowned for the radiography testing in Sri Lanka and in the region. We serve for the industries such as power plants, air lines, shipping lines and many more industries to check for the faults using Radiography testing. The newly constructed exposure room fills the long-term vacuum of non-having a well-established Radiography Exposure room at NCND.    The NCNDT staff and the trainees will find the benefits of this new facility.