Water Quality Testing

Multiparameter instrument (HACH HQ40D):

Portable multiparameter instrument and test kits support measurement of pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, electron conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen (DO) and amount of NH4+ and NO3 ions present in water. pH measures the acidity of water, TDS measures the amount of particulate matter that is suspended in the water, or more simply, how clear the water is. Salinity gives the total of all non-carbonate salts dissolved in water (Na+, K+). EC estimates the total amount of salts dissolved in the water. DO measures the amount of oxygen dissolved in water and NH4+ and NO3 content gives an indication on water pollution. Both laboratory and in-situ measurements can be performed in the Isotope Hydrology Section of the SLAEB.


Conventional titration method is used to measures hardness (total of multivalent cations including Ca2+, Mg2+) of fresh water using APHA method 2340C. Also the alkalinity (amount of HCO3, CO32- and OH express the capability of neutralizing acids) of fresh water is measured using APHA method 2320B of water.

Spectrophotometry (HACH DR/2400):

Spectrophotometry facilitates to measure the concentration of F, SO42-, PO43-, NO3 and NO2 present in fresh water separately. However, this method does not support the measurement of very low concentrations of above ions (ppm range only) and then other advanced methods such as ion chromatography is recommended for such samples.


Depends on the number of samples, number of parameters to be evaluated, sample collection procedure etc

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