Gamma Spectrometry


Identifying gamma radiation emitting radioactive elements objects, materials and products,for assessing the level of radiation from test samples.As per the government regulations laid down by regulatory authority for consumer protection LDB36/73-1995.07.15, the amount of radiation caused by Cs-137 should be assured to be less than 20 Bq/Kg for milk powder and 100 Bq/Kg for other food.

Target groups

The service is specifically targeted towards catering the needs of local industrial stake holders, manufactures, importers and exporters of foods, raw materials, processed and value-added materials, to meet the regulatory requirements of radiation safety of the items, as deemed by authorities in local as well as export markets.


The Gamma Laboratory is equipped with four Sodium Iodide (NaI(Tl)) gamma detector systems for radioactivity screening of samples and three High Pure Germanium (HPGe) based high-resolution gamma spectrometry systems for further identification and quantification of radioactive elements in samples. Therefore, two types of tests are performed, namely NaI(Tl) screening test and HPGe based radioactive element quantification test. The laboratory assures high quality of service for its customers through operating in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017: international standards for testing laboratories and consistent delivery of technically valid test results.


The charges for a sample depend on the type of test weather NaI(Tl)test or HPGe test as required by the client.

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