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Nuclear Instrumentation

Since radiation is not sensitive to human sensory organs, special instruments and methods has to be used to detect and quantify radioactivity. The instruments used for these purposes are nuclear instruments. Radiation survey meters, dosimeters, counters, area monitors, contamination monitors, other related scientific instruments and detection methods and techniques are the focus of nuclear instrument section.

The Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory of the RPTS is facilitated to carry out its operations which are mentioned below.

Repairing and Maintenance of Nuclear Instruments

Maintenance and perform necessary repairing/faulty analysis of the nuclear instruments in the country. Such as, Nuclear Early Warning System, XRF, TXRF, LSC, Gamma Counting Systems (NaI and HpGe), Radiation Survey Meters, Counters, etc.

Design and Development of Instruments and Techniques

Design and development of novel nuclear instruments and related technologies. The RADI-Count GM counter kit, Electric cloud chamber and Portable Gamma Survey Meters are products of the NIL. These were designed for educational demonstrations in nuclear physics. The Nuclear Instrumentation section also work for designing and fabricating exhibition tools, kits and material that are widely used for public awareness programs.

Provision of Technological Assistance to External Institutes

There are number of institutes which use nuclear related technologies. Providing assistance in instruments and operation methods is also being done by the NIL. Consultation services and assistance regarding instrument selection, procurement, use, maintenance and quality assurance are provided.

Development and Implementation of Physical Protection Systems

Designing and implementation/installation of the regulatory compatible physical protection systems for radiation facilities, trainings on operation and maintenance.