Radiation Protection & Technical Services

The Radiation Protection & Technical Services(RPTS) is responsible for activities related to Secondary Standard Dosimetry Calibration, Nuclear Instrumentation, Personal Monitoring Service, Public Information and Computer Applications.

Personal Monitoring Service

Personal Monitoring Service (PMS) Providing Island-wide services of external dosimetry using Thermoluminescence Dosimeters (TLD) is done by the PMS. Its process is accredited by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) to be compatible with the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. The internal monitoring of radiation exposure is also done by the PMS. 

Who is eligible for PMS?
Radiation worker who is likely to receive 1/3 of permissible annual limit of whole body radiation dose, 20mSv, OR Radiation workers recommended by Radiation Protection Division of AEA (Regulatory body).

Instructions to request the PMS:
An official request has to be made (Request Form, Instruction sheets) along with the duly signed Bio-Data Form and Personal Data Form.

Emergency Preparedness and Environmental Monitoring

  • The maintenance and monitoring of the National Nuclear Disaster Early Warning System(NDEWS).
  • Providing services to assessing the affects of a radiation, nuclear accident. Training of assessing teams for In-situ gamma spectroscopy, contamination monitoring and dosimetry.

  • Providing services to assessenvironmentalradiationlevelsusingIn-situGammaspectroscopy, Radon monitoring and ambient dose rate measurements.

  • Conducting baseline environmental monitoring programmes for, Gamma dose and activity in Soil, Air, Water and Flora.  Radon monitoring in Soil, Air and Water.

Secondary Standard Dosimetry Calibration

The Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB) has established an Accredited Secondary Standards Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory (SSDL) for maintenance of relevant radiation standards and provision of Dosimetry calibration services, required for the country. Dosimetry calibration services are essential for the implementation of Radiation Protection Programme in the country to ensure the radiation safety of workers, public and environment.

It is mandatory that every institution where radiation is used should obtain dosimetry calibration services regularly to calibrate their radiation monitoring devices / instruments to ensure the radiation safety of the work-place. It is also required to obtain calibration services in order to ensure the accuracy of radiation output of radiation treatment equipment. These services would lead to good laboratory practices at places where radiation and radioisotopes are used.

  • A gamma irradiator comprising of Cs-137 and Co-60 ,
  • X-ray system with ISO 4035-narrow spectrum for protection level beam qualities.
  • Reference and measuring instruments with ionization chambers.
  • Stability Check sources for all ionization chambers
  • New operation quantities recommended by the ICRP are used for calibration of dose rate meters & personal dosimeters.
  • A Phantom (PMMA) of 30x30x15 cm3 is used to represent human torso with regard to back scattering of the incident radiation in calibration of individual monitoring.
  • Area monitoring instruments/dosimeters are calibrated in free air. Calibration factors at reference conditions (Ambient temperature 20 0C, Atmospheric pressure 101.325kPa Relation humidity 50%) are given when applicable.
  • Equipment with new batteries should be submitted along with duly completed Calibration Request Form in duplicate.(Download Form). A copy of the manuals of new instruments for first time calibration may be required.
  • Arrangements for calibration must be made in advance by letter,                        fax: 011 2533448
  • E-mail: ssdl@aeb.gov.lkprasad@aeb.gov.lk or telephone- 011 2533427-8.

Radiation Protection

  • Provide Technical Assistance for Radiation Facility Designing of the radiation facilities (Radiotherapy theatres, Irradiation facilities and etc.) in complies with the regulatory standards.
  • Conducting Researches on Radiation Protection Researches are carried out for radiation protection using the HpGe (High-purity Germanium) detectors and modelling algorithms.
  • Training of Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs) Training and certification of the RPOs for industrial and medical industries.

Nuclear Security and Waste Management

Provide expert assistance to train front-line officers (FLOs) for nuclear and radiation security in an event of CBRN threat.

Information Technology Services

Maintenance and development of the network services (official web servers, mail servers and internal network) and computer related hardware of the SLAEB.