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Director - Industrial Applications

Mr Viraj Edirisinghe


Mr Viraj Edirisinghe, graduated from University of Peradeniya and then obtained his Masters Degree from University of Colombo. He is currently reading for Ph.D in the field of Isotope Hydrology at University of Peradeniya. He has been awarded with 06 months Fellowship Training at University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada in Isotope Hydrology and also been awarded 01 month Fellowship Training at Japanese Chemical Analysis Center (JCAC), Chiba, Tokyo, Japan in Environmental Radioactivity Analysis and Measurement Techniques. Also he has been awarded several International Training Programs/Workshops on Isotope Hydrology by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The knowledge and experience gained by Mr Edirisinghe through the above programs has supported establishing Isotope Hydrology Laboratory in Sri Lanka. He has developed the Isotope Hydrology Program in the SLAEB in collaboration with the IAEA and with participation of stake holder institutes in the country. He has more than 16 years technical and research experience in the SLAEB. Isotope Hydrology Laboratory of the SLAEB has been upgraded with sophisticated analytical instruments for isotope and chemical analysis of water with the fullest contribution and supervision of Mr Edirisinghe. He has uplifted the Isotope Hydrology Laboratory up to Isotope Hydrology Section with above analytical facilities and capable human resources. 

Mr Edirisinghe has been functioning as the National Project Coordinator (NPC) of IAEA Regional Project conducted under Regional Co-operative Agreement (RCA) on Isotope Hydrology since 2008. Also he is the Chief Scientific Investigator (CSI) of one of the ongoing Coordinating Research Projects (CRP) conducted and supported by the Isotope Hydrology Section of the IAEA. He is working as the National Project Counterpart of IAEA/Technical Co-operation (TC) Project conducting on Isotope Hydrology. He has also worked as the Course Director of a IAEA/Regional Training Program hosted by Sri Lanka. 

Mr Edirisinghe is working as a Visiting Lecturer at Department of Geology, University of Peradeniya and Department of Nuclear Science, University of Colombo for undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has also been supervising the researches of several post graduate and undergraduate students in different universities. Mr Edirisinghe has published/contributed several researches in peer reviewed journals during his carrier in the SLAEB.


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