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Baseline Radioactivity Data


Information on background Radiation is very useful in analyzing the effect of increase in radiation level after a nuclear accident. Under the Base Line Environmental Radiation Monitoring Program, Sri Lanka land area is divided into four hundred (400) squares and sampling the soil and grass is being carried out. The main objective of this program is gathering existing concentrations of natural and artificial radio-nuclides in near surface soil and plants.Currently sampling was completed at Three Hundred and fifty five (355) locations and GammaSpectroscopy Analysis was completed in 189 locations Including Soil and Grass samples.

One meter height dose distribution map of Sri Lanka

One meter height dose distribution map of Sri Lanka

Radioactivity concentrations of Soil


If you want to see more details at selected locations please access our data display program with following button

You have to download and install Labview 2010 runtime application before running the data display program
Please use Internet Explorer Web Browser to open


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