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Administration division is mainly comprised with three main units, Administration, Human Recourses & Procurement. The General Administration Division of SLAEB shall provide administrative support to perform all duties and responsibilities of the organization. General Administration Division is responsible for administering of SLAEB for the best interest of the country and the government, in full compliance with the law under which it is instituted and other applicable   legal requirements and regulatory framework of the government. Efficient management of the office and office systems, general administration, are the main areas that come under the purview of the division. Administration Division shall coordinate with the parliament, ministry under which the SLAEB is fallen and other government agencies when necessary. This division is also responsible for preparation and submission of annual administrative  reports,  submission of cabinet  memorandums, administration of officers travel abroad, establishing communication systems and flow, staff services,  procurement management, management of utility services, ensuring efficient information services, implementing and  monitoring of major decisions taken, maintaining a library of  professional level and mobilizing and directing all resources  towards achievement of goals, objectives and targets of SLAEB.


Human Resources Vision 


"Human Resources provides leadership in shaping an inclusive culture that drives excellence and innovation by supporting talent, engagement, and the employee work experience."


Major Servisers of the Division 


  • Increased the capability of our employees so that they will deliver an improved service to customers.
  • Giving an induction to all newcomers in order to avoid starting pressure of new comers.
  • Enhancing Employee Satisfaction
  • Enhancing employee career development
  • Performance evaluation Performance evaluation
  • Grievance  handling
  • Human Resource Development, Capacity Building
  • Establishing Systems and manuals
  • Preparing Annual Reports
  • Approval; for New Cadre Positions
  • Preparing Scheme of Recruitment (SOR) for SLAEB
  • Human Resources Planning (carder) Recruitment for Vacancies



E Services

Educational Resource