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AEA Booklet


  • Atomic Energy Authority (Sinhala)
    This is a compendium on activities of the AEA
    It describes different divisions of the AEA namely Radiation Protection, General Scientific Division Life Sciences Division, International Cooperation, Industrial Applications Division and sections under each division.



  • Radiation (Sinhala)
    This booklets describes how to get protected from ionizing radiation and how it is used in medicine, Industry and Agriculture
    It gives a short description on ?- rays X-rays ?-rays (?- particles)
    In the inside back cover there is a special notice stating that it is dangerous to get an X-ray from an X- ray installation that does not possess a license.



  • Quality Assurance And Quality Control-YOUR PARTNER IN PROFESSIONAL TESTING (English)
    alt This is the second booklet published by the Life Sciences Division of the AEA, and the first one was published and distributed at the accreditation ceremony of the nuclear analytical lab, in 2007.
    The second booklet (whose image is displayed here) describes that the above mentioned Analytical Laboratory of the Life Sciences Division has further developed its’ analytical testing capabilities with well established quality management system and presently functioning more efficiently.
    It elaborates on available nuclear analytical facilities; services provided to customers; the valuable instruments used for testing and adopted quality management system, in order to produce reliable and professional results in nuclear analytical testing.
    This laboratory is the only accredited lab (ISO 17025) in Radioactivity Measurement in Sri Lanka since 2007 to date.


  • Isotope in Water and Environmental Management(English)
    “Isotope in Water and Environmental Management” is the first publication of Isotope Hydrology section in 2013. This booklet presents briefly isotope techniques used in water and environmental management.It elaborates global water storage, recharge mechanism of groundwater, investigation of pollution using isotopes and main activities carried out by Isotope Hydrology Section in the AEA.



  • The way of Electricity generation using Nuclear Power(Sinhala)
    "This Booklet describes the Nuclear Fuel cycle, various nuclear power reactors,Nuclear fission and fusion,Applications of Nuclear power,Nuclear Law,Nuclear regulations and conventions,Nuclear safety-security and safeguards". In addition,the booklet consists the data sheet of the current utilization of Nuclear power worldwide.
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