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Projects-Human Resources and International Division

On Going National Technical Cooperation Projects
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    The various RCA projects that are implemented in Sri Lanka provides nuclear technologies to address socoi-economic needs and contribute to sustainable development of the country. These projects are implemented in the areas of agriculture, environment, industry, human health and radiation protection. Sri Lanka presently participates in 15 RCA projects in the above areas. For have details of these projects.
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Projects funded by Sri Lankan Government: (dynamic)

A list of Projects:

On Going National Technical Cooperation Projects:

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Title of the Project (link doc)


Human Resources Development and Nuclear Technology Support


Identification of Trace Elements in Water and Biomedical Samples Using High Sensitivity TXRF.


Study on Nitrogen Balance in Coconut Based Agroforestry Systems Using Nitrogen-15 Isotope Delution Techniques


Maximizing Productivity of Goat-farms through Cost-cutting and DNA Based Technology in Selection for Breeding.


Applying Molecular Diagnostics to Zoonotic Diseases


Improving Micronutrient Health Status of Adolescent Girls through Dietary Modification


Establishing Laboratory Facilities for Biological Dosimetry for Persons Exposed to Radiation and Detection of Cancer-Prone Individuals


Technical Support for Establishment and Operation of Multi-Purpose Gamma Irradiation Facility.


Establishing and Operating a Pilot-Scale Electron Beam Facility to Treat Wastewater from Textile-Dyeing Factories


Developing National Capability to Respond to Radiological Emergencies

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