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AEA functions as the focal point for the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria. In the field of Nuclear Science and Technology and its peaceful application. International Cooperation to share the knowledge and technology know how as well as bilateral cooperation among IAEA member states play a pivatol role. The AEA participate in IAEA Technical Cooperation programme to obtain technical assistance for socio economic development. Apart from participation in IAEA Programme the cooperation with Republic of Korea (KOICA, RCARO) Japan (MEXT, NIRS) programme and cooperation with India and Pakistan are highlighted.

At the exercise of peaceful utilization of Nuclear Science and Technology for the socio economic development by the country. The International Cooperation.

IAEA TC Programme

The International Atomic Energy Agency provides technical assistance to its Member States to increase and promote tangible socio-economic impact by contributing directly, through use of nuclear technology to the achievement of the major sustainable development priorities in the sectors of agriculture, human health, industry and environment.

The AEA involves in planning and monitoring of the implementation of Technical Cooperation Programme. The AEA coordinated the implementation of following Technical Cooperation projects in 2009/2010.

On Going National Technical Cooperation Projects


Mr. D.G.L. Wickramanayake, Head of the Division of Industrial Applications of the AEA functions as the RCA National Representative in Sri Lanka.Mr. Wickramanayake joined the AEA in 1981. Since then he has been involved in several RCA projects implemented in Sri Lanka.

RCA National Representative of Sri Lanka
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