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International Cooperation Division

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International Cooperation Division of Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) functions as the National Liaison Office to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Through the IAEA Technical Cooperation Division, International Cooperation helps to sustainable socioeconomic development in the secure, safe and peaceful use of Nuclear Science and Technology by following programme.

  1. National Technical Cooperation Projects
  2. Regional  Technical Cooperation Projects
  3. Inter-Regional  Technical Cooperation Projects
  4. Research Contract Programme                                                                                                                         

These projects provide vast opportunities to develop man power through Training Courses, Workshops, Conferences, Fellowships and Scientific Visits and supply necessary equipment to implement the projects in the country. Apart from participation in IAEA Programme the cooperation with Republic of Korea (KOICA, RCARO and KIRAMS) Japan (MEXT, NIRS) and development of bi-lateral cooperation in the field of Nuclear Technology for peaceful application with IAEA Member States are highlighted.

IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) Programme

The TC programme is unique in the United Nations system, as it combines specialized technical and development competencies. The TC programme operates in four geographic regions: Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Within each region, it helps Member States to address their specific needs, taking into consideration existing capacities and different operational conditions. The programme�s strategic goal is to promote tangible socioeconomic impact in IAEA Member States, by contributing in a cost-effective way to the achievement of the major sustainable development priorities of each country.

According to the mandates IAEA provides technical assistance to Sri Lanka in the sectors of agriculture, human health, industry, environment, radiation protection, water resources management, energy planning and feasibility studies of nuclear power.


The AEA involves in planning and monitoring of the implementation of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme in Sri Lanka with the national institutes The AEA is coordinating implementation of eleven TC projects under 2012/2013 TC cycle. Currently AEA is coordinating upstream planning of following five TC projects to be implemented during the 2014/2015 TC biennium cycle.

  1. Strengthening radiation protection in diagnostic radiology, audit and promoting safe use of diagnostic medical radiation in Sri Lanka
  2. Strengthening Nuclear Medicine procedures for radionuclide therapy to improve clinical outcome of cancer patients and chronic joint diseases.
  3. Establishment of National Centre for Marine Pollution Control
  4. Technical support for smooth, safe and sustained operation of the first Government-owned multipurpose Gamma Irradiation facility in Sri Lanka
  5. Establishment of a National Centre For Nuclear Agriculture (NCNA)

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