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R & D activities

Studies on Radiation Processed Natural Polymers for agricultural applications, enviromental remediation and improving helath care in Sri Lanka. ( IAEA/RCA web Link)Under the above the AEA jointly with Department of Agricuture is developing enviromnetal friendly plant growth promoters and elicitors for agricultural applications.

Studies on Radiation Processed Natural Polymers for health care applications sucha as hydrogel wound dressing ( IAEA/RCA web Link) The AEA jointly with ITI has developed a hydrogel wound dressing using natural polymers by gamma radiation

Success stories

Established a Model Human Tissue Bank at the Eye Donation Scociety in Sri Lanka for providing radiation sterilized human tissues for patient. It was established jointly with the AEA and Mnistry of Health.

R & D activities in Environmental and Health sectors:

  • A collaborative research study on the “Association between heavy metals and endometriosis” (uni. Of Sri JAPURA and AEA)

  • A study of the concentration levels of essential and potentially toxic elements in rice and major food items used by Sri Lankan (IAEA/RCA project)

  • A study on harmonizing nuclear and isotopic techniques for marine pollution management at the regional level (RAS/07/019)

  • Improved information of Urban Air Quality managements in the RCA Region (to measure the elemental composition of the course and fine air particulates using ED-XRF and size distribution of air particulates in Kandy to monitor long-term trends)

  • Project on Soil Erosion studies -Joint project with the Department of Irrigation, Land Use Division.(TC SRL / 5038 )

  • Research and Development project on Strengthening Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring for establishment of Baseline information on radioactivity levels in Sri Lanka.

Research and Development / Biomedical applications project on Environmental exposure to heavy metals and chronic kidney disease (CKDu) in Sri Lanka (North central province - study area) to study the association between environmental exposure to heavy metals( Potentially toxic) and chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology

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