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Digital Geiger- Muller Counter Kit

"RADI-Count is an educational purpose nuclear instrument, designed and developed by the Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory of Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board. It is a complete demonstration kit that can be used for a number of nuclear physics experiments in undergraduate and advance level physics syllabi." 

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Certificate Course in Radiation Protection

Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB) wishes to announce the commencement of the Certificate Course on Radiation Protection in 2nd July 2016 for workers who are dealing with ionizing radiation as a part of their job and who are interested in the field of Radiation Protection.

Main objective of the course is to provide the knowledge on radiation safety to the radiation workers in different fields. The expected outcome of the program is to protect the workers and general public from unwarranted exposure to ionizing radiation through safe use of radiation sources and irradiating apparatus.

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Nuclear Techniques to assess marine and coastal pollution in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, coastal and estuarine pollution has been identified as one of the potential threats to human health and economic stability of its inhabitants. Therefore Government has taken several steps to mitigate marine pollution from land base activities as well as sea based activities. As one of the major step, Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) was established under the Marine Pollution prevention Act no 35 of 2008. MEPA has a mandate to take necessary action for prevention reduction and control of marine pollution in Sri Lankan waters.

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images1National Center for Non-Destructive Testing (NCNDT) of the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board is pleased to inform that the, Training course on Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) - level 1 will be held on30th April 01st , 7th and 8th May 2016 (only on weekends) .

This training course is aimed at providing participants with a comprehensive knowledge of theory and practicals on Liquid Penetrant Testing to enable them to set up and calibrate test equipment and apply appropriate test procedures.

Last Updated on Monday, 25 April 2016 12:07

Introductory Training Course on Preparedness and Response to CBRN Incidents

Introductory Training Course on Preparedness and Response to CBRN Incidents

Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB) has scheduled to the Introductory Training Course on Preparedness and Response to CBRN Incidents from 29th to 31th March 2016.

The purpose of the training course is to provide basic information on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) incidents and Response procedures. The target groups for the training course are military officials (Army/Navy/Air Force), Police Officers, Fire Fighting officials, Emergency Managers, Incident Commanders etc. The course fee is highly subsidized and limited number of persons can be enrolled. Interested personnel can be applied or the course sending duly filled application from Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board through official channels on or before 15th March 2016 for enrolment.

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