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IAEA Expert mission to develop strategies for finding clean water for CKDu (Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown etiology) affected zones in Sri Lanka

201702071221150Isotope Hydrology Section of the SLAEB has also carried out studies in the CKDu affected The IAEA expert Dr. Hamid Marah from Morocco visited SLAEB during 6th - 10th February 2017 under IAEA/RCA project; RAS/7/030. The objective of the expert mission is to design research methodology using isotope and hydro-geochemical techniques for groundwater assessment in the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

Prevalence of CKDu among the rural community in the dry zone is a severe health problem in Sri Lanka. Multidisciplinary studies on health, geographical distribution, water quality, soil and geology, food habits, genetic relations, use of agrochemicals, social impact etc. have been carried out by many institutes/researchers to identify the causative factor/s for CKDu. All these studied have not yet been recognized the possible source for the problemzones during last couple of years. SLAEB team has planned to further expand their studies to be identified the groundwater from unknown etiology.
Two senior lecturers, Prof. A. Pitawala and Prof. H. A. Dharmagunawardhane from Department of Geology, University of Peradeniya also attended to the discussion during the expert mission. Based on the fruitful discussions held, the research methodology for groundwater investigations in Medirigiriya and Medawachchiya were developed.

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